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yo my name is zaf. im a 16 year old procrastinator who likes to draw and sleep 24/7. i am also an hobbyist digital artist who lacks pure talent. this is where i post all my stuff about recent moments of my life. thanks for visiting by though.

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journal entry #1 // February 25, 2016
Thursday, February 25, 2016
hello. it's been a while since i haven't last updated my blog - well, mostly because i've ran out of ideas to write something. besides, no one uses this website anymore. looking back to this abandoned site makes me want to fill up some posts here and there.

anyway, how was your new year like? any good? any new? well, if you ask me, it gets a lot worse. it worsens at every hour, every minute, every second. i'm not kidding here. 2016, so far, sucks balls. period. in fact, it's the year of the fire monkey. the wreck.

for starters, let me talk about my situation in school first. yes, school. we all have trouble making schedules and make ends meet. at some point, you owe people a lot of particular things. for instance, money. let's face it, i've just had enough amount of savings which i saved for buying personal purposes like getting a new laptop, online shopping and so on. now, i had to dig for smaller amounts to pay little by little for school funds - which, in my opinion, is bullshit.

however, money's not my issue here. i can pay. what makes it a problem for me is now i have a very few balance left. another thing about debt is not just about money, but also about completing an assignment. i HATE assignments. i HATE to finish up my work. i know, i know. i don't have a choice. it's normal, everyone doesn't like to do heavy tasks. there's something about it that makes me feel disgusted or maybe in denial; that's completely making me repulsed for some unknown reason.

to be honest, i don't even know. what makes me so hateful towards schoolwork? it shouldn't be too hard to get it done.

maybe i don't like doing assignment that doesn't interest me. just maybe.

then i've realized it's true.

at school, the way our system works is a little different. you see, there are five separated classes which each follows different interests of any kind like, say, science and technology, arts and accountant. this is how our classes follow:
  • 4A & 4B - science streaming class
  • 4C - accountant class
  • 4D - international communication technology class (ICT)
  • 4E - household economy class
  • 4F - art class
and, to my surprise, i was chosen to be in class 4B.

yes, as you can see, i'm NOT entirely interested to become a doctor or a nurse in any-way-how. that doesn't mean i don't like any of the subjects except for additional math.